Saturday, July 23, 2011

HNMLS Rotterdam

The last few days we noticed a ship hanging out in Mullet Bay (the beach you can see from our balcony).  I knew it was part of the Dutch Navy but not much more - I have been taking some photos when it is clear (we have been getting a lot of fog lately).

as you can see Mullet Bay can be a very busy place at times - if you look very carefully on the back of the Rotterdam you can see the helicopter that hangs out on it - it is also the helicopter that was hovering low over the water when we were at the beach and the crew waved to the kiddos.  We also noticed the helicopter buzzing the neighborhood - kinda felt like we were in a bit of a war zone.

after looking up some info on this large beast in the ocean I learned it is part of the Royal Netherlands Navy and comes equipped with a helicopter landing pad, large dock for water craft, a hospital that has an operating room and an ICU (intensive care unit) with 10 beds and a desalination system that allows them to use the sea water for drinking.

it has become apparent the view from our balcony is never boring....... behind the Rotterdam you can see the funky weather from a tropical wave that has been making its way by us.

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