Saturday, July 23, 2011

Full Moon Hike

There is a place on the island called the Seaside Nature Park (oddly enough you drive through the power plant to get to it) where you can take horse back riding lessons, hike and have birthday parties and kids camps.  They also do a full moon hike each month - they have it set up so each child receives a hobo stick with a hanker chief filled with a granola bar and a drink, a fun little added touch.  The hike finishes up at the beach with a bonfire (you can roast marsh mellows if you want to purchase a small bag of them for a dollar).  The guide was great - he shared some island information, mostly about the different plants and trees you see but also the old road we were on at one point and the original names of some of the areas.  I am horrible at taking night photos and just had a our little point and shoot camera but I wanted to put something up on the blog as it was a fun night - what kid does not like going for a hike in the dark as the full moon rises?

Mike, Karla, Ethan and Ronan - heading out

Thadeus, Melissa and Emma

since moon pictures are hard to take and never look right I just played with the photo to make it more interesting - when we got to the top of a hill on the trail you could see the moon come over the hill across from us - it was pretty cool

full moon
It was definitely fun and something different to do - I hope Addie enjoyed it too.  When the weather cools off it would be a good place to go hiking.  Another successful  island adventure.....

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