Friday, July 22, 2011

Right Here In Cupecoy !!!!

The neighborhood or village (that is what the sign says) that we live in is called Cupecoy.  We tend to go on adventures that are elsewhere on the island and every now and then we have an unplanned or unexpected one right here in our own little village.  We were hanging out at our house with Karla and her boys and all FIVE of the boys were boycotting the pool and Mullet beach - HMMMM - what do we do to get out of the house and burn some of their energy.  Karla came up with a great plan - her old neighbors had moved to Rainbow Beach Club (right across the road from us on the ocean) and their daughter Saria (can definitely say I spelled her name wrong) is always home bored while on summer break -SOOOOO - we can go and visit her.  This meant the kids could play in her THREE fun pools and we could go down to the beach and explore Cupecoy cave that we had spotted from the boat when we were fishing.  Addie would also get a chance to see a different beach - sounded like a great plan to me.

this is the view from the boys favorite pool

and this is why they like it so much

now this is a vacation

after some time at the pool we gathered up the kiddos and headed down to the beach via the circular staircase

the Cupecoy beaches and cliffs are beautiful at this time of year - the water is calm and there are little beaches along the cliffs.  the beaches disappear during the fall and winter.

Ro heading for the cave

how could someone not appreciate living on this island?

Addie enjoying her beach time

this would be the Cupecoy Crew

between my boys trying to sneak into the pic and Karla's boys closing their eyes this is the best we got for the day

kids being kids

on the way back to the pool we saw these local critters hanging out

nice photo Ro

then it was back into the pool and the boys experimented with the camera under water

cute brothers


Silly boys 
Thank you Karla for saving the day with your idea.  Can you believe it was just across the street - I think we just might be living in paradise.


  1. sniff. that was my beach. i never took it for granted. ever. and the water in the summer is the best isn't it? so clear and so warm. sigh...

  2. I thought of you when we were down there - I am sure you miss it!!!