Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family Time

We had a little bit of time on the weekend to spend with Mike and Ronan has been wanting to go explore an area by Oyster Pond for awhile.  This is an area I mentioned in previous posts and now believe the area is called Bai De L'Embouchure. So off on an adventure we went.

we always choose to go the way of the French side of the island, it is an enjoyable drive (rather then dealing with the bridge traffic).  we first came to Marigot

then Grand Cas

the cows we always like to look at right before Orient Bay

there are two islands off the point and the boys chose to go to the little one first

the plaque with the name of the area on the island

A tower of rocks that we added our own rock to

mike and the boys watching the waves crashing in to the little island

the view of the mainland and Le Galion

we all made our way back so we could head to the next island

Mike and the boys chose to go the way where you do a quick little swim - I on the other hand had the picnic lunch so I had to make my way through the shallow water that had many many of these

there were also lots of the white ones that blended into the sad to - I had to stop everytime a little wave came so I would not step on one.  it was a slow process but I made it

Ronan had to celebrate making it across

this island had sooooo many beach treasures that I told the boys there was no way we could bring them all home - so we took photos to remember some of them by

you can tell this island is a catch all for all sorts of ocean stuff

when we went around the back side of the island we found a couple of suprises - there were two hidden surf breaks and we watched the surfers catch some waves while we ate our picnic.  we noticed the surf boat was out and the conditions were very much improved so the boys will be starting their surfing when we get back from Florida

there was piles of old coral all over the island

the boys climbed the hill and back down to the other side of the island

when we made it back to the car we could see these sailboats - there are alot of them as we get closer to Regatta time

I had to take a photo of these wild goats that love to stand on the rocks as we headed towards Oyster Pond - there maybe some bouldering potential in this area - if we are willing to share with the goats.

we had never been by dawn beach or that area so we continued on to explore - we ended up driving by the Westin, then up an exremely steep hill.  on the way up the hill if you look down and to the right you will see guana bay and as you wind back down towards philipsburg you can peek through the hills back to the Westin.

once we made it to philipsburg Mike wanted to drive down to the port where the ships come in - we had never been down in philipsburg either.  we found our way to point blanche (and we found green fingers the nursery) where you could see these amazing cliffs.

we slowly headed home through one of the streets in philipsburg

after stopping for a snack and some boat watching at the Sint.Maarten Yacht Club the boys flipped their hats upside down in the car to catch the rain coming through the sun roof.  they are always coming up with something fun.  we had a wonderful day with dad exploring the island and spending time together.  thank you for taking a break from your books mike - we love you.

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