Friday, March 18, 2011

Beach Cruisers, Bonfires and Bioluminescence

Beach cruisers -  a simple thing, yet so fun.  Bicycles are such a memory of childhood - the age old question - when did you learn to ride a bike?  A memory we hold on to for a lifetime.  I think even better then a regular bike are beach cruisers - nothing complicated - you hop on and go - no gears, the seats are comfy and if you want to stop you just peddle backwords.  Perfect for endless hours of joy -

Sophia you rock those shades!!!!

do you see the bird?

ok - so maybe tandem beach cruisers are not as easy - haha - go carith

all the kids had fun though

wild child

hands free

I just had to give it a try to

ok ok - putting us to shame - we were proud we could start to turn a corner on that thing

the kids began collecting fire wood for a bonfire on the beach later that night

bonfire logistics - Dillon and Brandon

you can see where the tide came up around the bonfire

the kids had a great time enjoying the bonfire and were lucky enough to experience a really cool treat from the ocean itself - bioluminescence - as the waves lapped up on shore they began to notice sparkles in the water - much to their delight as they ran through the shallow water it glowed around their feet and legs.  Ronan watched the sand closely and discovered that if you press the sand next to one of the "green lights" they glow stronger - it was like having green lightening bugs in the ocean - such an awesome experience they were able to share with their cousins and friends (the second week Steve (one of Ed's sons) and his girfriend Serena and her two children Brandon and Jaime arrived - it was a full house and everyone was having a great time).


  1. every family needs an auntie like carith.

  2. what can I saw but "awesome" I think I need a new camera

  3. mom - you definitely need a new camera!!!!