Thursday, March 24, 2011

From Sea to Land

OK - so here goes, this is the final post from our trip to Florida (remind me next time not to take as many pics or do anything fun - haha).  On one of our last days we went on a fishing trip in the morning and a horse back ride on the beach that afternoon (that is where the title of the post came from).  Because all of us could not fit on one boat we split the 12 people interested in fishing into 3 boats - Boat #1 was Steve, Serena, Brandon and Jaime.  Boat #2 was Hopi, Oma, Anna and Sophia.  Boat #3 was Carlos, myself, Dillon and Ronan.  In the hopes of some friendly competition the boat with the most fish would win.  It was a rough start to the day when we got up and the temps were in the 30's.  Not prime fishing weather out on a bay that is windy - but hey we went with it and we did have fun.

notice the reflection in the shades - that would be Ronan bundled up in a ball to keep warm

the towels around his feet are to keep his sockless, shoeless toes warm

notice the name of this boat?

this one is for you ro -

we headed up the canal to try to stay out of the wind until the sun came out -

we saw many different funky boats

how many birds do you see?

a perfect spot to sight see from

a fleet of shrimping boats

down to business

carlos caught a flounder

isn't that a pretty face

action shot

fishing boys

whenever we stopped somewhere the sun would warm us up and then we would go somewhere new and the wind would freeze us again - this was our attempt to stay warm during transit

look, its a bird, its a plane



the smallest creature of the day

the three boys took a nap on the way back to our dock

the best part of the fishing trip - the boys each got a turn driving the boat - well of course ronan tried to run over the birds

the fine art of gutting a small flounder

this would be boat #1 - they caught 2 trout that had to be put back because they were to small

this is boat #2 and their catch for the day was no fish but a whole lot of fun

horse safety briefing


Dill riding Little Bit

Sophia riding Buck

everybody loved buck with his furry coat

ro on Krissy

ready to go

steve on Harley - very appropriate

Hopi's horse did not like to hang out with the others

sophia, dillon, ronan and oma


heading on to the beach

jaime, serena, anna, brandon and steve

ro, oma, jaime, serena, anna and steve

a perfect late afternoon ride


on our last evening carith caught this bird on the dock

carith also spotted this beautiful red cardinal who paid us a visit

it was a beautiful last sunset to a really fun family vacation.  the boys and I had a great time and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.  oma and papa thank you so much for everything.

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