Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunsets and Early Mornings

We were lucky to have a perfect view of the sun setting over the Cape in the evening - each and everytime it was different - this meaning that there will be many photos of sunsets from our Florida trip.  The boys were on island time at the beginning so they managed to get up bright and early for some fishing.

one of many

and yes they are fishing at the end of the dock

now this is some serious fishing

Ro and anna

way to much Jersey Shore


this was the boys early morning fishing expedition - the fog in the morning was incredible - it made it seem like you were in a different world - you could barely see everyone on the dock


I think he slept with the hat on

so happy even at 6 am

sweet face

the birds were really cool to watch

love this picture of my dad walking along the beach in the fog

ever so slowly the sun began to come through

done for the morning

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