Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Favorite Beach

Once we saw how much Pascal enjoyed boogy boarding and the big waves on Mullet we just knew we had to take him and his mom to Guana Bay, our favorite boogy boarding beach.  The way the sand is flat  for a ways out when you enter the water and with the powerful waves rolling in you can ride the waves forever on your boogy board.  Once again an absolute blast.  We set off fairly early and made it to Guana pretty quickly.  We reached the top of the hill overlooking the bay and I said "there it is" and Tanya's response was "Oh my God" - the look on her face was absolute shock and completely freaked out by the sight she saw.  I do have to admit that from the top of the hill Guana Bay can be extremely intimidating.  The waves look huge and the blustery wind creates menacing looking white caps.  She admitted to me later that her first thought was " I hope we don't stay here long" - well guess what - she started boogy boarding and we could not get her out of the water.  We were there from 10:30 until 4 pm - definitely the longest amount of time I have spent on that beach.

I absolutely love watching the big waves at Guana

the power behind these waves is so intense - many people talk about how dangerous this bay is and yes it is, you always have to watch the currents, undertows and how the waves are rolling in.  If you are careful and attentive you can enjoy this beach for endless hours

the brief moment the boys were out of the water they always made up fun games

it really makes you a kid again

we had a wonderful day and the boys and I were so happy to share one of our favorite places with such good friends.  Tanya and Pascal we cannot wait for you to come back to the island.


  1. those are some great happy faces! and i love dillon's hair!

  2. and thank you for showing us this beach.