Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cape

In years past when my family has visited Florida in the spring time we have stayed out on Cape San Blass - otherwise known as the Cape.  We made a trip out to the beautiful white sand beaches on the Cape and I think it was the windiest day we had - it was cold but I think everyone still had fun.

the beach has beautiful dunes and endless stretches of pure white sand

the surf was a little rough being the day after the storm

the kids immediately went on a treasure hunt

they were excited to have a whole new beach to explore

the kids were most interested in coming up with what would qualify as Dangerous Marine Life.......

papa and grandkids were trying to get their flying parrot to take flight

a great description of how to escape a rip current - always good to know

Ronan giving parrot a little assistance

he finally takes flight - but for how long is the question

carlos was hoping to catch something bigger then what they had caught off the dock

dill trying to keep warm

dill gets a lift from his auntie

rather then flying, crazy parrot preferred to just nose dive and take people out

carlos, oma and steve testing the water

we found some shells with really different colors

carith, sophia and dillon

hopi and carlos

cuddling with dill

our favorites were everywhere - we all had a beautiful day even though it was windy and cold

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