Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rough and Tumble

While Pascal was visiting we were at Mullet on a regular basis and one day was a little more rough on the boys then others.  There had been some funky weather - stormy clouds, rain showers, blustery winds and the ocean was changing things up a bit to.  As many of you know the conditions at the local beaches change constantly - you can plan to go snorkeling and you should have brought a boogy board or vice versa.  Basically we end up bringing almost everything everywhere - just in case.  On this day we headed to Mullet for some fun play in the waves and Mike was able to join us for a bit of time.  When we arrived the waves were big but did not seem to out of the ordinary - the boys all jumped right in.

as you can see this almost looks like a mellow Mullet wave

and this is where the ocean began to change it up - the waves breaking into the beach very high - they were hitting the actual sand and not the white water (which breaks your fall or crash a little more) - the waves were also coming in very powerful sets - they were pretty mellow and then a really strong set would come in - not just big but powerful (alot of undertow was building into the waves).  Also different then usual the waves were bigger in the direction of the tourist end - usually they get bigger towards the quiet end.  Dillon and Ronan both ended up getting tumbled pretty hard that day - they eased it up a bit and headed for some fun white water and mellow waves.

I love watching the dark clouds in the sky over the beach - it brings excitement to the air

although roughed up a little the day was not lost and it was a beautiful afternoon

I think these two could wallow around on the waters edge for hours

Tanya just had to join the fun

take'n a little break

as the afternoon progressed the ocean began to settle down

silly boys

later in the afternoon our neighbors caden and cammy came down to the beach to

so another adventurous day at Mullet, the ocean is a very strong and powerful force.  It is always changing and must be respected.  It can be very fascinating to watch and extremely fun to play in but always with caution.  A great book to read is The Wave, it discusses how little we know about the ocean, rogue waves and how the big wave riders pull it off.

Tanya, thank you so much for the fun time on the beach, by the pool and sharing evening cocktails.  I look forward to our families sharing some adventures in the future.  The boys had a great time with Pascal and look forward to his return to the island soon.  We miss you guys!!!

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