Sunday, March 13, 2011

Florida Family Time

Finally after getting back home to the island and catching up on school work I can catch up the blog with all our Florida adventures that the boys and I had while we were hanging with the family for 2 weeks.  The first week we were there we just hung out with family and relaxed.  The boys and I were both happy to just spend time catching up with everyone.

Sophia loving the sunshine and the beach

the crew - cousins Dillon, Ronan, Anna and Sophia

sea snail - we think - slimy

pretty shells

the dock

Oh Dillon

Uncle Carlos

Taa Daa

Ronan sharing the jellyfish he found


Oma and Papa

many many shells and treasures

there were also lots of jellyfish on the beach and in the water


boys in action


uncle and neice

to good to pass up

as I am sure most of you have heard - Ronan caught a shark on our trip - he was thrilled - the little fockers hats were courtesy of my dad who was thoroughly entertained by all his grandkids running around with little fockers hats on - the kids loved them



mom and daughter

one of the awesome rays we saw

there were so many fun things to see in the water and out - everyday was full of activities - there will be many more posts and photos to come

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  1. great story so far chey. love love the uncle and niece shot, ro with his shark and little fockers hat and of course i'm partial to any shots of the boys.