Friday, February 25, 2011

A Special Time

After dropping off my sister Carith on the 8th of February the boys and I headed home.  We were looking forward to some rest time for a few weeks before we headed to Florida for some family time.  We also knew it would feel a little quiet without her there.  Later that day we headed to the pool - now some background - our neighbors The Behrisch's have been anxiously waiting for their daughter Tanya and her 7 year old son Pascal to arrive and we had said hello and talked about getting the boys to hang out.  Well, the boys got together at the pool and their friendship and time together just blossomed from there.  After visiting with Pascal and his mom (by this time it was already time for dinner) we headed up to our home and Ronan commented that  "even though Carith left today we still had fun" and Dillon said "I had a really nice time today mom".

From that day on the boys were together every day.  The boys introduced Pascal to the art and fun of playing in the big waves at Mullet Beach and he was hooked.

two of the wild three

Dillon has been working on his boogy boarding skills and caught a few nice waves on this day

Pascal also acquired his first boogy board and soon experienced the unending fun they provide

one of the awesome ships passing through the bay

you could watch the boats all day

Pascal figured it out really quickly

such a sweet boy and a great playmate for Dillon and Ronan

Ro in the wave

watching the waves at mullet are one of my favorite activities on the island

two peas in a pod

water boy

chasing waves - endless entertainment

3 boys anticipating the excitement of the wave

it is amazing to watch their little bodies in the clear waves

scoping out the next big one

headed in AGAIN - you just cannot keep them out

the next few photos are a great sequence of the wave action

two left standing and one under the wave

and then there was one

there was a fascinating rain storm over the ocean and beautiful rays of light beaming down

the three muskateers

the amount of fun that these three beach bums had is beyond comprehension.  the laughter and smiles was endless and a complete joy for their moms (Tanya and myself) to watch.  thank you for this special time.

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  1. great shots! there's nothing like finding the right aged playmate for your kids when you live on an island! i hope pascal comes back soon...