Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Science Projects

Auntie Carith got the boys some cool science kits for Christmas - Ronan got a water science kit and Dillon got one on solar science.  Ro was excited to learn how to clean muddy water and Dillon built a hot water heater that uses the sunshine.

Ronan's kit

reading directions and gathering parts

putting all the different ingrediants in separate containers to clean the water

Ronan ready to pour the really yucky muddy water he made into the water filter he built

you can see all the dirt particles that are left at each level

Dillon's kit

putting it all together

hmmm, what next?

starting to put it together

solar water heater

the cool thing is that Carith was able to do some of the projects with the boys while she was visiting.  These are great little kits that show real life applications.  Carith found them at REI for under 15 bucks - there were other ones to.  We look forward to the other projects we can do with each one.

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