Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guana Bay

While Carith was here the boys really wanted to share Guana Bay with her - it is a perfect beach for boogy boarding as the beach is flat and the water stays shallow for awhile - so you can catch many, many waves with ease.  You can also choose how big a wave you want to catch.  We invited some friends who had not made it to this beach yet and were up for an adventure.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of it but we had a whole car load of boys - it was great. Melissa and Karla followed with sweet baby Emma and another one of the boys.  We slowly made our way there - it is high season so of course the bridge was up and we had a little bit of traffic.  We were happy to arrive and quickly learned we had to find a new parking spot - they have blocked off the parking lot where we used to park.  We figured it out and were quickly on the beach with all our stuff and kiddos.  Please be patient - this is a very long post with lots of photos - how could it not be, so many kids and such a beautiful place. Enjoy!!!

Elijah was so excited to get some boogy boarding in - Carith really got him going in the waves

the water was pretty wild with gusts of wind and choppy waves - perfect for playing in

enjoying the beach - Ethan was a trooper with his glove covering his wounded hand and a large bandage over his stitches

Ro - laughing his way in on a wave and Carith helping Elijah out in the background

there is something about boogy boarding that brings out the giggles



an awesome sandcastle




sweet mama melissa and baby emma


I think emma's first big beach adventure was a success

the boys had some crazy hair by the end of the day and we tried to get some photos of it

their hair is so beautiful in the sunshine after a day in the ocean

Karla's boys enjoyed spending time with Carith (I have truly begged for her to move here)

this picture portrays all that I love about Guana Bay - it is quiet (almost seems desolate), wild, rugged and fun playful waves

boys having a blast in the ocean

karla with her ever present smile and little Erik

some big waves began to roll in later in the day

it truly does seem these boys are happiest when playing in the ocean

so sweet

ok, so the moms could not be left out - karla and I headed out to try the big ones

a whole lotta boys doing a whole lotta work on the beach

we survived and had a blast - I am telling you regardless of your age you will giggle on a boogy board

thank you to everyone for a most awesome beach adventure, I think we all had a blast and declare it a success as all the kids were in a beach coma on the way home.  Carith thank you again for your photo contribution - it is always awesome.

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