Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun Pics and a Dog Party

This week we headed down to Mullet again for some fun in the water.  We were hoping to snorkel around the point but the clarity was not good at all.  Instead my sister Carith experimented with Mikes water proof point and shoot camera.  The boys found some of our dog friends and had a great time.

Dill checking out what he could see

a cool sketch form of photos

the photos are really fun - you actually see the features of the kids faces

Dillon in the perfect afternoon sun at Mullet

Ro making another run into the ocean

The boys were very excited meet Boomer and Lucy a pair of yellow labs that arrived with the new first semesters (they belong to Jackie and her husband Mark)

the boys will have so much fun playing with the dogs while they are here

Layla joined the beach party to (she belongs to 5th semester Jaime and Amanda and is a coconut retriever - meaning from the island) - she is so cute

Boomer was holding Dillons arm in the ocean

Layla loves to play and it is a blast to watch her

I cannot think of a better afternoon - watching kids and dogs playing in the ocean

Layla loves coconuts and the boys love to help her play with them

we all had a really fun afternoon - thank you to Carith for the great photos

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