Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who Said Boys Don't Knit

Recently the boys asked to get their knitting out again.  a few years ago Dillon recieved a knitting kit for children and it contained some nice thick wool, 2 sets of wooden needles, an instruction book with many fun projects and a little bag to store everything.  off and on we have pulled it out and worked on it a little bit, nothing in particular, mostly just practicing.  i was really excited when the boys asked to work on it as it is a perfect activity for rest days or after some beach time.

needles, wool, book

Ronan getting started


Dillon really focused

even if they do not complete any major projects I am just excited to enjoy the activity with the boys.  a chance for their minds and bodies to relax.  and yes I know of a few boys (men) who knit.  one in particular was an older firefighter who kept it as a secret but said it was a great way to spend time with his wife who was a knitter.

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  1. love this! you know you can also tell them that knitting is a great practice for surgeons. perhaps they will follow in their dad's footsteps one day.