Saturday, October 2, 2010

SUP Adventure

Anushka and I had been talking about getting out to La Galion beach again and finally picked a day this last week.  I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take the SUP (stand up paddle board) out for the first time in St.Maartin.  La Galion beach is on a lagoon area that is protected by the reef further out and is very calm most of the time.  A perfect shallow beach for little ones to play.  We made it out of the house early so we could stop at a new bakery Anushka had found.  They have the most amazing pastries.  We arrived at the beach and found it very quiet and empty - just perfect.  We got in the water immediately and started playing with the SUP.  We did have a fun adventure not long after we arrived when some ominous rain filled clouds blew in and we loaded all the kids on the board (we were out on the floating dock) and swam them in as fast as we could in the wind and rain.  Poor Ezra was shivering like crazy (yes even on this hot and humid island you can get a chill in the rain).  We hid in the car and ate an early lunch until the rain blew over and we played the rest of the day out in the water.  As you will see there were many good photos from the day - I handed over the water camera to Anushka and she had alot of fun with it - and produced some great photos!!!!  Be prepared for a massive upload of photos - some are hers, some are mine - there were sooo many hundreds it was really hard to choose.  ENJOY

Dill paddles while Ro watches for fish out the back.

Anushka taking Ro for a spin

The storm is coming.........(the background with the waves is where the boys will surf)

Ezra shivering while waiting for his shuttle to shore before the storm arrives.

It's getting closer.........

Storm is gone - back out on the water

Dill workin' hard

Ezra hanging on and ready to go

Ezra required Dillons hands for the water crossing

What can I say...he is so at home.

Ro's turn

Anushkas awesome shot of Dillon jumping off the dock and me and Ro paddling in the back ground

Can you say balance work....

Aaaahhhhh peace and quiet

Two crazy island moms........

The end of a long beautiful beach day with special friends.


  1. ooooh! i loved these! i can't wait to watch the video and see the rest too.. great post cheyenne! we're going to have many many more like these. again, i'm just so so happy you all are here. xoxo

  2. Hey Cheyenne, Dillon and Ronan, that looks like alot of fun! I hope we can come there in the spring!

    Love, Anna