Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Thoughtful Gift

I have been meaning to make this post for awhile but just have not gotten around to it.  A few weeks I was chatting with our neighbor Kathrine (not sure how she spells her name) about a flower that is growing in the gardens here, The Crown of Thorns. I was sharing with her that my grandmother had one in Canada and my parents had kept one since I was little  - they brought it everywhere we moved.  If the conditions were right my mom would put it outside in the warmer months.  Kathrine declared that I must have one.........later that day I found a small pot with some starter plants of Crown of Thorns on the steps to our house.  It was such a thoughtful gesture from our neighbor - very sweet.  Kathrine and her husband Hans are avid gardeners from our observation and now that we have had some rain the gardens are really beginning to blossom.  Enjoy the photos of the beautiful flowers in our gardens here and our special Crown of Thorns we keep on our balcony.

Crown of Thorns

Thank You Kathrine

A Crown of Thorns in the garden

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I miss our crown of thorns. Check out the witchy women on face book. The boys have to give me some ideas of boy ones and not surfer dudes, I need clothes on them, I was thinking Zeus or something.
    Miss you, love you. Oma