Friday, October 1, 2010

The Boys and I....under the sea

Weds was a quite day......but we needed to get out.  We skyped a few friends but everyone seemed to be MIA (found out later alot of people had no internet). So, the boys and I headed to Mullet - the water seemed calm so we brought some snorkel stuff just in case.  We actually had an opportunity to see some fish - although as you will see in the photos the clarity was not very good.  There is so much sand on everything from the hurricane......we cannot wait for it to clear up.

Mullet Beach from the water

Ro's friend he found in the rocks on the bottom of the ocean floor at Mullet (he really tricked people into thinking it was his pet)

Sergent Majors

Still trying to identify these guys.  Anyone have an anwer?

Sailboat floating by.....

Dillon being silly under the sea

Don't know what these guys are either - please help.

Ronan swimming with a school of fish - he absolutely loves being under the water.

Silly boys......

Hope you enjoy the photos and hopefully we have some better fish pics soon.
The McG's

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  1. wow! you actually found that toy lizard at the bottom of the ocean ronan?