Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Uncle Carlos is here !!!!

The boys have been waiting in much anticipation the last week for their Uncle Carlos to arrive - the day finally came.  We watched his plane land while standing on Maho beach.  We took Carlos snorkeling right away on Saturday - Bai Rouge and then again on Monday at Mullet Bay.  The boys have been on a hunt for an Octopus so they have alot of motivation.

Can you see the plane really tiny in the middle of the picture?

Then it flew right over top of us

The boys jumping off the rocks at Bai Rouge

The crab Ronan found

The arch we snorkeled to and through

One of the many lizards that wanted to hang out with us.

We got some great photos and video of the fish we saw - I will post them later when I can figure out how to add them to the post. They are on our flip video and I have not worked all the details out yet. Below are pictures from our snorkel adventure at Mullet Bay.

Making our way around the point and along the cliffs

A very eerie looking fish - what is he up to?

There is the puffer fish we saw on the left

A mix of fish hanging out on the reef

Ro hanging out on the bottom

The puffer fish hiding

An unknown white polka dotted fish on the left and a blue tang on the right

Ronan checking out the bottom

Smiley fish - see the big smiles on their faces?

A school of fish hiding under the rocks

Dillon on the way to the surface.  Look for video coming soon.  The boys are really enjoying Carlos's visit and showing him the island.


  1. nice crab ronan found! he is made for this island that boy... i think he is going to be a salty dog when he grows up. he will stay by the seaside somewhere i think. great underwater photos! love all the fishy names.

  2. wonderful pictures..... I just love to see your new adventures. What kind of crab is that? what are the differences between the fish we saw snorkelling in Mexico and the fish you see there.
    I think I found a dress. Love you talk to you later.

  3. are you going to be affected by this next storm. Check out Mary-anne's project that she working on to sell in the co-op type store.