Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is that smell????

A couple of days ago we bagan to notice a smell in our house.  Something rotten or dead........if you were home long enough you did not notice it, but when you first walked in the door YUCK - it was gross.

Was it Carlos - who just arrived? No - it started the night before his arrival and well it just did not have that stinky human smell.......besides we narrowed it down to the Fridge.  You know how this goes, it could be anything - although I keep my fridge very clean - you never know what could be hiding back there.  So I went through it all - it seemed a little better - then Mike emptied the freezer - where he thought the smell was.  Mike and Carlos picked up some air freshener to at least cover it until we could find it.  Maybe the fridge has something inside we can't get to.  I finally went and took everything out AGAIN - this time narrowing it down to a shelf in the door.  Carlos said maybe it is the butter - NO. not our yummy butter. BUT - it was in the shelf with the butter.

Found the Culpret - it was THE STINKY CHEESE  !!!!!!!!

Absolutely amazing that something so small could make an entire house smell so HORRID.  We all know the saying that the stinkier the better for good cheese. Well, not this time - I gagged just putting my nose in it to confirm that this was the cause of our issue.  We will continue to buy yummy cheese here  - just not this stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Loved the story, I guess you need to eat the cheese faster. Carlos looks his charming self. Love you.

  2. I hear Carlos is unwell. I am going to be at the offce at 1 so sykpe me. Hope you are having fun.