Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tropical Storm Otto

Last week was a little different then the rest.  Tropical Storm Otto decided to pay us a visit.  The weather was blustery to say the least.  It was gray skies, gusts of wind and bursts of really hard rain that would pound on our roof.  There were times that we wondered if something bigger was brewing out there.  We would run to the computer and check the website stormpulse - this has become our life line to hurricane knowledge.  Although we really enjoyed the cooler weather - this lead to some stir crazy behaviour.  I mean how long can you be contained in a small space with two very active boys, and if you are what do you do the whole time.  Well........the following is what we came up with. 

With the beautiful sunset before the storm we should have known......

Watch the stormy seas and take photos

Build forts with our climbing toys...did you notice the hot pink rings we finally installed.  Yes the boys are swinging monkeys every day.

Ronan enjoying his space

More weather watching

Some school work

Tricks with a pencil

Playing in the fort with head lamps during the power outage

more fort time

Puzzle time

More storm watching

The crashing waves were really fun to watch from the balcony

Considering the storm lasted about 5 days, I think we held up pretty well.  No major injuries and the house was still in one piece.  We had a fun adventure to the grocery store that we should have video taped.  My skirt was so wet you could wring it out.  The boys were looking for a heater in the grocery store instead of the frozen section - a rarity here on the island. Mike would take the boys to the pool in the evening if the winds were calmer - they swam with the pool chairs and the water was FREEZING from the rain.  All considered part of the adventure in St.Maarten.  HMMMM - what could be next?


  1. Hey, I love the photo with the hot pink rings, Ro (or Dill) look like they are a ghost.

  2. The pictures are amazing. Beautiul pictures of the boys.