Sunday, January 15, 2012

Never Enough

As you will see with my family we absolutely love the beach and playing in the ocean.  Meaning a required visit to our boogie boarding beach Guana Bay was in order.  We found as many boogie boards and skim boards we could and headed to the beach.

nice long waves that everyone could get on

 when your a boogie board short the hubby works great

miguel and dillon

group skim boarding

yep that is a face that knows whats coming

the big brothers

Ro and Jake (the boys island friend)

the family

little brothers

the face does it 


beach nap

another perfect beach day - I love the rugged view of St.Barths from our remote and wild beach at Guana Bay.  Truly a special spot.  So thankful to be able to share it with family.


  1. I want to go to Guana Bay!! These are some seriously wonderful photographs. Some of them are publishable.

  2. Thanks Casey - as you know it is a hobby. We are going to get you guys there for sure. You will love it.