Monday, January 16, 2012

The Big Swells

It is not often that the island experiences big northern swells (what makes the waves roll into Plum Bay) so when they do come you have to take advantage.  Dillon prefers to be out on the water when no one else is there (except for fellow surfer friends) so that usually means we pull some Dawn Patrol (6:30 am surf session).  It amazes me that when it is dark out and I go in his room and say hey time to get up - he pulls it off.  I think the early wake up call is worth it to not have a gaggle of obnoxious surfers out there  creating a dangerous environment.  We were lucky to have a northern swell come through over the Christmas break and the whole family (minus Ro and Carith) made it out.  Good times were had by all for sure!!!!  It is beautiful to sit on the water - watch the sun rise and if you are lucky enough experience a rainbow right over you.  There is nothing that compares to an early morning on the water with the family.

chilly early morning water

pink glow from the rising sun

dill warming up

nothing like a family line up

the carlos flare

Papa keeping an eye on all the activity - mix father and doc and well you know what that means

I know it is small (does not feel like it when you are on it) but it was a fun ride


yeah we know carlos

not sure who the photo of the day award goes to - miguel's leg - or - michael's tube ride below

the waves were amazing to watch across the bay

some what unreal - the rainbow was completely over dill and I 

photo op - papa and miguel

miguel and brandi

the dudes

always a good surf day with a stack of boards like this

another wonderful day and fun surf session on the island of St.Maarten  - not much to say but that it does not get much better then this (Brandi thanks for the photo assist)


  1. I always love all of your pics. I have never surfed but I think I may try this summer. I'll make it a goal of mine. Your family looked awesome and some of those shots belong in a frame!

    1. Thank you Ali - YES you should try it this summer for sure. Make sure you find a good instructor - it makes all the difference. You won't get frustrated. Then you will be hooked and you will have to come on some surf trips with me!!!!!!

  2. oh! gorgeous! what fun! great form dill! how awesome you had a rainbow. st. maarten is so magical. god how i miss it. i knew i would. it will be hard for dillon to be away from the surf. i think you can count on him wanting to move to the beach in his future after this experience. no doubt!

    1. Yes - it has been gorgeous and magical - I will miss the island dearly too!!!!! Yes a surf able ocean will be a must. We need to catch up over Skype sometime soon!!!! Miss you xox

  3. Beautiful photos, as usual. I love the b&w with the car and surfboards, and the sepia too.

    Good luck with your move too Cheyenne! How awesome that would be to catch up with you in Colorado!!! And hope your sweater goes smoothly, I have high hopes to wear mine in March!!
    cheers :).

  4. Thank you MJ - good luck on your sweater as well - it is in preparation for England. Yes I hope to catch up with you in CO. XO and happy travels.

  5. Okay... raddest family ever strikes again! Cecily and Matt are so lucky to be friends with you guys!