Sunday, January 15, 2012

Much More to Come

I know everyone is anxious for more posts from the holidays and beyond - so patience - they are coming.  Because I take ridiculous amounts of photos this means many hours of browsing through photos, editing and then formulating what I want to say.  I love photos and taking them is a hobby - it is my way of keeping special moments, days, experiences and adventures close - for us all to browse through and reminisce about those times.  Which is why my blog focuses on photos.  It was not until we were moving to the caribbean that I sucked it up and bought a digital camera and have found something that replaces flipping through the photo albums and the blog is it  - for now anyway.  So as our family begins a new semester - for Michael his fifth and final semester of basic sciences in med school, Dillon and Ronan the their last semester of online classes on the island (these will continue in England if all goes well) and for me another couple of classes towards my degree in Emergency Management and Disaster Planning ( not much left to do but need to time my completion for when we settle somewhere), I will squeeze in the holiday posts from our families Christmas and New Years on the island of St. Maarten.  Our home will be buzzing with activity as our time on the island comes to an end - purging stuff so we can move back with limited bags on an airplane, spending time with our friends on the island, cramming in as much beach and water activity time as possible before we leave and well there is a long list of stuff to come.  So after all that blabbing - I am basically saying - we had a blast with our family here over the holiday and have a very busy semester already started - BUT there will be many, many blog posts to come and I hope I can "record" (for lack of a better word) all the emotions, feelings and experiences in the best way possible.

Here is to 2012 - a year of many exams, change, adventure, moving, family, friends, experiences and the next step.
Yes we are all wearing wool hats made by my mom - perfect for the caribbean!!!!!!


  1. YAY!!! you guys look great together so glad the holidays treated you well! welcome back :) xo

    1. Thanks Ali - good to be back - I think it will be a good year for everyone - xo