Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just a Few Things

Once again we headed to Plum - BUT this time it was extra cool.  We have been working on getting Cecily out on the water via some activity - surfing, body boarding - ANYTHING.  I mean she is a California girl after all and loves fun activities so why not?  While we were at Plum for another surf session a fellow surfer from the island offered Cecily the chance to try out his body board.  I did not even give her a chance to say NO.  She was going regardless of her thoughts on the idea.  We gave her no time to protest - 5 minutes and she was paddling out with Dill.  Haha - love it when things happen this way.  She obviously had a blast and was super hooked.  Mission accomplished - there will be no keeping Cecily out of the water now.
The second thing - Cecily wanted to give taking photos a shot with my camera. It is just a tad different then a point and shoot - but really simple and so much fun.  I was going to head out with Dill but Ro required my attention at the time so we hung out with Cecily on the point while she took pics.  She did an awesome job!!! and well I think she is hooked on this hobby now too.  Watch out Matt - I think things are about to get EXPENSIVE - haha.
I was happy I was able to capture a picture of Cecilies moment of falling in love (with body boarding and the ocean) although the photo is far away it is a fun reminder of our awesome day.  The later photos in the post are some of Cecilies that I played around with in editing.

Dill was happy to get out and play on some smaller waves again

Cecily and Dill

Cecily catching a nice one

some wave action was picking up

there is something about this photo I love (thanks Cecily) - not sure exactly what but the lighting is really cool, the spray of the waves, the action of dillon paddling hard and of joel going out.  It represents what it is like to be out on the water. It is not perfect in regards to focus, color, lighting but that is not always what is important.  I did play with the photo a little in editing but only to enhance what was already there or to make it even closer to realistic of what we saw while out there.  You will see in photography you have to adjust the coloring at times as cameras do not always capture it just right - but then again we have a human eye and well - a camera is a camera.

where did the wave go??

Dills surf buddy Joel

Here is to a beautiful afternoon, in a beautiful place and learning new things with awesome friends.

Thanks for the fun times Cecily


  1. gosh i can't believe your time is almost up there. time really flies once you get back to the states... i love your little man with his arms up in the air wondering where the wave went...

    1. So true Anushka- watching you guys go through clinicals seems like it is flying by. There are times I really want to just slow it all down. Although I am sure you are excited for the arrival of the little one!!!!!!!

  2. nice waves :) I love the "where did the wave go" shot lol