Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Family

Haha  - No, I am not giving my children away to another family.  I love them way to much.  Like I have done in the past when I am behind on blog posts because of family vacations I am jumping back into present time (well closer anyway) with a few posts so I don't get so far behind with present day activities.

Just like previous semesters I sponsored another family (through the Spouses Organization at the University) that was moving to the island.  I have really enjoyed this role as it allows me the opportunity to present the island in a positive perspective and share all the joy that my family has experienced with another soon to be island family.  The Crookstons arrived over the holiday break and were excited and ready for a new adventure.  Carina (mom) would be attending AUC School of Medicine and Casey (dad) with some assistance from Michelle (aunt) would be in charge of the 3 kiddos (the household, homeschool teacher, supporting spouse and everything else the spouse of a med student takes on) - Andi (oldest), Tanner (middle) and Piper (the youngest).  We finally had the opportunity to take them on a little beach adventure once family had left and the semester got under way.


the crazy ro-dog

the family at plum bay

the dillster

X and O's on ro's belly

Casey and Piper

Ro in the cool beach fort they constructed


and the lovely Piper

awesome Michelle

skim board time

Welcome to the Island Crookstons - we wish you the most awesome and fun adventure while here.  We truly hope you enjoy your time here as much as we have.  Our family is very happy to have another gaggle of kiddos to hang out with.
PS - some photos are courtesy of Casey - we both took a bunch - haha
PPS - Carina was unable to join us due to school of course but Cecily did - unfortunately she was just a speck in one of the posted photos (???? how did that happen????)

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  1. Hey, fun! We just enjoyed reading this post. We're grateful you guys are here, for all that you did for us before we got here, and for the good time you are showing us on the island. Thanks for everything!