Monday, January 23, 2012

Island Hopping

During their (family) visit we opted for a little island hopping and headed over to Anguilla.  This required a short ferry ride (about 15 minutes - although the longest 15 minutes my dad ever experienced) and then we hopped into a taxi for a quick ride over to Cove Bay.  It is a favorite spot we found on a previous trip.  We settled in for a complete dream beach experience, crystal clear water, smooth as butter white sand and endless island umbrella drinks.

Marigot, St. Martin Immigration Post

Marigot harbor

Papa - looking cool (papa was a little nervous about the ferry ride and thought the shades would help out)

Anguilla Immigration Post (Anguilla is a British island, passports were required)

the island of St.Martin/St.Maarten - Cupecoy is the small hills on the right (in the lowlands)

this guy has it figured out at a very young age

paradise for the day

the fam - really? could it get any better then this?

Mom - do we really have to leave

Another sweet sweet day in paradise


  1. Everyone in your family has cool hair. Just saying. Cool trip... the water there is so gorgeous... From the pics it looks nicer than our water here in Guam.

  2. Looks like an awesome time. your dad looks so cool. Like the kind of guy that has fun and jokes around but then surprises you with a long winded conversation that makes you think ;)

    Love all the family pics and that one of your son lounging drinking is awesome ;) he DOES have it figured out!