Thursday, October 20, 2011

Until Next Time

The boys and I made one last visit to the farm with Oma and Papa - we spent some time wandering around the property.  Soaking it all in........

the last few days the fields turned completely golden - the feeling of fall was in the air

loves catching critters

sweet boys


I see a glimpse of his baby face when I look at this

we spotted a wood pecker on the fence post 

observing the wood peckers marks

a parking spot for the old tractor (and the new one that my parents were giddy like kids about)

the new bird house

Miss Priss - who loves to be outside

we cherished our time at the farm - the chance for the boys to run free, explore, catch critters (and store them in the cooler) and create wonderful memories - thank you Oma and Papa for this special time


  1. What gorgeous boys you have! You've some pretty amazing pictures here. I love the one of your boy with the little critter in his hand!

  2. Thanks Christina, yes they are cuties for sure. Keeping me on my toes.

  3. Thanks Heather - it is a hobby although probably more of an obsession at times.