Thursday, October 20, 2011

Their Last Day.....

As I am writing this post I am feeling the same sadness that we all felt on the last day we all hung out at the cottage  - by all I mean my sister Hopi and her girls Anna and Sophia, my sister Carith and my Mom (dad was at work).  The next day my sisters and nieces would be heading back home.  The kids had a great time fishing and swimming and the weather was beautiful.

this photo is from the farm - we had dinner out on the picnic table and Ronan and Sophia opted to eat their dinner sitting with Golden and Lucky the little doggies in the pen - I could not resist

Hopi could not resist - haha

Anushka - this one is for you - the AMAZING butter tarts that I love so much

Ro and Anna created a new way of fishing - laying on a life jacket, goggles on and a fishing net in hand

my view of all the action

cool cousins

the last swim to the dock for the day

group jump

Sophia and her mama

the race back

the cousins had a great time together this summer - all their adventures and exploring.  making up for the lost time that they don't see each other throughout the year.  they have become really proficient at skyping with each other while we live in St. Maarten and them in B.C.  Hopefully they will be hanging out together again in the spring on a beach somewhere as they miss their cousins immensely when they are not together.  Thank Oma and Papa for having us all........(I think the dock was a big hit)


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like they had an amazing time. I definitely like their way of fishing...looks so much more relaxing!

  2. Thanks Christina - they absolutely love fishing at Oma and Papa's cottage. I agree floating in the water rocks!!!!

  3. haha! thanks for the butter tart! is it filled with brown sugar? looks yummy. i like the shot of you with your view of things. what a beautiful summer tradition..

  4. Yes, they are filled with brown sugar and butter and sometime coconut or raisins. You would love them. We love our summer time there.