Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Animals?..........Part 2

Like I said I would be working on finishing up posts from our trip to Ontario in August.  To continue with the rest of our day at the Lion Safari we moved onto the petting zoo, elephant rides, train ride and a boat ride.  Enjoy

Ronan loved feeding the goats - must be genetic, my mom had goats when I was little and I loved them

even the goat was posing

Lamas are another favorite - I love their hair do's - reminds me of fraggle rock

so cute

ahhh some shade

riding the caboose

number 1 part of the day

their faces when they started moving were awesome

oma and papa

waiting for the train

of course more goats - they are just so cute

all I can say is poor mama

yeah, you rock
thank you so much to oma and papa for an awesome (exhausting) day at the Lion Safari - an experience we will always remember.  carith, mucho thanks for taking photos.

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