Thursday, October 27, 2011

Never say Never

I have enjoyed running since I was young - not because I needed to exercise but I just enjoyed running.  It began in sixth grade as a way to get away and blow off some steam (we lived in a small town in Northern New Mexico) from the rough days at school (that is a whole other story for another time).  As I got older it ended being a great way to keep in shape and enjoy being outside.  Several times I have found myself living in environments that were not encouraging to running outside (hot dessert heat, 9,200 feet elevation with all hills) and found the same moving here - another challenging environment.  In having to be creative with my workout and me time (with a hubby in med school and homeschooling 2 children there is no such thing) I worked out a schedule with my friend/neighbor at the time and we ran m/w/f in the gym on the treadmill (ick yuck - not even close to what I love about running) BUT it allowed me to get out and get some exercise and have some good chats - I really do miss her (Alexi - I am talking about you haha).  Ok - this is getting much longer than it needed to be - simply - THANK YOU to Cecily (my new neighbor living in Alexi's old apt) for giving me the opportunity to get outside and run again........It was everything I miss and have enjoyed before.  The quiet early morning - peacefulness - time to let thoughts flow through your head - watching the sunrise - saying hello to the workers coming to work - getting my body moving - ALL OF IT.  I am stuck using my itouch at the moment for music and realized I had a camera and snapped some photos of the morning.

the rising sun (I know - really bad pic - but it captures the moment),  running in the dark, Cecily speeding by leaving me in a nice breeze while I listened to No Worries by Bob Marley - yes I was giggling to myself at this point (hope no one was watching).

love the watch for children signs on the French side

Cecily - breezing in after LOTS of miles

a large bird that decided to hang out while I was stretching - at one point he turned and looked at me with a questioning look of hmmm I wonder if she is a threat haha

Thank You again for a great morning run and I look forward to more  - just like I sucked it up and ran in the mountains I think I can pull off some here  - so Never say Never -  there is nothing like sneaking out of the house early in the dark AM and leaving sleeping babes lie.


  1. Yay! I love this post! So happy we can be early morning running buddies. It is so fun to have you out there with me!

  2. Thank you cecily - so happy we have our early mornings. YEAH for running buddies (and now our little bird friend).