Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Good Bye

Before the boys and I headed to Sauble Beach with my parents we had a few last days at the cottage on Otter Lake.  We had fun shopping in Huntsville  - especially the wool store and toy store.  Those two kept us all happy.  We watched lots of movies and spent time knitting.  On our last day I took the boys for a paddle around the lake in the canoe - it actually got a little sketchy when we realized some blustery weather was blowing in and we were at the other end and had to paddle against the wind to get home.  It was very much worth it and was a fun last little adventure on the lake.  I snagged some last photos - many, many of the boys of course.  They don't usually let me capture them so I took advantage.

never to much fishing or fish

I think he saved the biggest for last

now we have to get it back in the water hmmm?

their two personalities - oh so different

a fitting end to a beautiful day and time

as I look at the photos of the boys I realized how much they grown and changed - it happens all so fast

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