Friday, October 14, 2011

My Boys - My World

Being the mom of 2 boys and the wife of a Big Boy ( an adult boy attending med school) and not being a girly girly - means well a world of boys.  Last block me and my boys spent some time at my favorite beach during our favorite time of day (here on the island).  That late afternoon, into evening - the air cools off, the sun is not as bright - no need for sunscreen - time to relax.  Which means I had to take some photos - enjoy -

important ingredients after blocks

the oldest - intense - serious - perfectionist - brave

three muskateers 

my man - handsome, hard worker, intense and a side of funny

beauty from the sea


the youngest - funny - mischievous - free spirit - cuddler

yes, these 2 are playing monkey in the middle with the dog and hot wasabai peas

ever changing sky 

what more could I ask for ? - absolutely nothing - my boys (all 3) provide love, joy, happiness, adventure, fun, hard work, life experiences, challenges and laughter.
We are a family, a unit, a group, an organism - as long as we have each other, a roof (electricity and water - nice but not a necessity  - I mean we live on a island we have an ocean and a pool) and some food is anything else in life that important (shopping, stuff, traffic, car inspections)? - no.  So thank you to my sons and my man (thank you for 13 awesome years of marriage) for making my glass so full it is spilling over the edges.
I Love You !!!


  1. I love these pics! Glad you had some beach time with the whole fam. I love the pictures, of course. Can't wait to resume my daily McGlue time!

  2. We cant wait for our Cecily time - so glad you are back!!!!!

  3. ah... sweet post. yes, family is good and simple island life. i think st. maarten has changed me forever because i still don't want or need more than my boys, sunshine, sand, ocean and gosh how nice it would be if you could get carib on the mainland. xox miss you and your boys.

  4. A permanent mark on our life for sure - I am so excited for you to have another boy - makes me giddy - much love to you all - we miss you!!!!!

  5. I showed this post and the photos to my two oldest... if possible they are even more excited to get down there. And, your photography is stunning! The last pic of your boys standing on the beach is my favorite. How did you get those golden tones?

  6. Casey, Thank you for the compliment. It helps to have a beautiful place to photograph. The base for the photo was the afternoon sun. Then I dabbled a little with color in editing, although not much. Tell the kids we are super excited for them to get here - it will be great to have more kiddos around.