Monday, September 5, 2011

We Miss You Already...........

OK - so I have had this post sitting in limbo land for awhile.  We spent our last day with my wonderful friend and neighbor Alexi before we left for Canada and I waited for my return to the island to post on the blog.  As the title says we missed her before she really left the island.
I remember the day I met her - it was brief - I was unloading groceries from the car with my sponsor Leah and it was a quick hello nice to meet you.  Over time we chatted while she was out with Bailey and I was out with the boys.  Soon we were chatting on skype (even though she lived next door - trust me it is an island thing) and hanging out at the pool or walking down to Mullet Beach.  We came to be close friends and a great support for each other while our husbands were studying all the time.  As it came to more of a realization that when I returned from Canada she would not be my neighbor anymore many, many thoughts went through my head - 
1.  Who would I drag with me for the dreaded Cost U Less trips
2.  Who will I share a cocktail with at the end of a long day
3.  Who will I vent all my frustrations to - we are proud of our husbands hard work and studying but we have our days
4.  Who will I garden with
5.  Who will I make get up early to head out for some surfing
6.  Who will join me and the boys for an island adventure when we have no clue what we are doing
7.  Who am I going to share dinner ideas with
8.  Who is going to be the person I escape outside with when the kids are driving me crazy
10.  Who is going to be my workout buddy for motivation - and to cry later with because of the pain
..............the list is endless

we spent our last time together going for a dip at mullet with the boys

Dillon playing with the underwater camera

these boys will miss Bailey and Alexi so much

So, yeah it will just be a tad rough without my partner in crime here on the island.  I will make do - but it will definitely not be the same.  Alexi - thank you so much for the support, laughter, tears, advice, encouragement and great memories.  We all miss you, Bailey and Jim  - we wish you the best of luck during clinicals and beyond.   Make sure you MASH it up!!!!! Just for you I am enjoying a Carib and listening to some great Kings of Leon - CHEERS - catch ya in England my dear friend.


  1. Not that I could ever, ever fill Alexi's shoes, but I am already so grateful to have met you and your fam Cheyenne! And Alexi was/is a wonderful friend as well. She was so good to Matt and I, answering all our questions and helping to set us up in the wonderful apartment.

  2. Cecily, we could not ask for better people to fill Jim and Alexi's apt. You guys are great and we look forward to some good times and yes she is an awesome gal!!!!!!!