Sunday, September 18, 2011

Arty Art

Last week "The Three Other Boys" as Karla's boys are known came over to hang out and we decided to do a painting day.  We had a majority of the supplies thanks to another island friend who passed them along to us before they left (thank you Anushka and Ezra).  I am pretty sure the boys had a good time - they definitely produced some wonderful paintings.  Before we get to the painting a few tid bits.

a few hats I knitted while in Canada (never made any before so it is all an experiment haha).  I know  - we are in the caribbean, but we will be somewhere chilly soon enough.

a yummy meal I made this week (Addie thank your mom so much for her recipe, it is a favorite)

I think I will let the art pics speak for themselves

Cecily thanks for helping out and providing some adult conversation!!!!!

our beautiful new art wall


  1. Love these pics! (as usual, haha)I love seeing Ro's paint-splattered feet and legs and seeing Ethan's painting in transition from a nice picture to all black.

    Your hats look quite comfy also! Though I'm sad to think of you leaving here before me and heading back to the cold.

  2. I will be very sad the day we leave the island - I try not to think about it toooo much haha. Time goes by way to fast here.