Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Change of Plans......

I know it has been a while.........I have hundreds (ok probably thousands) of photos to sort and edit for the rest of the Canada trip all the while starting the boys new home school program, unpacking, writing papers for my 2 classes, feeding the family and dodging hurricanes and tropical storms. Basically getting back to island life.  OK - so enough of the whining.  We had planned on camping at Long Point for a few more days BUT we awoke to some wacky weather and reports of big thunderstorms coming so well we thought about staying - hmmm 4 kids in tents for endless hours during rainy weather = not fun.  We opted to pack up early and explore the area for our last couple of days.  Good choice as we sat down for breakfast after we broke down camp and were all packed the rain began and it poured.  I was so happy everything was safely packed in the car - DRY!!!!!  We made our first stop back at the provincial park for a talk on reptiles and amphibians and the kids had a chance to hold many different snakes - unfortunately I have no photos - my niece Anna has all of them (crossing my fingers she will send me some).  After the talk we headed for a Heritage/Pioneer park.  Inside the visitors center there was a nice museum where the kids did a scavenger hunt to find out facts about the area.  Next stop the pioneer buildings that were set up on the property.  Although it was a little drizzly it was a great chance for the kids to get out and run some energy off.

a crooked chimney?? - yep, kept the rain from coming down it.  The first building was a grain mill.

a game of checkers

yep, my sister got me

coolest playroom ever

nice secret photo technique Carith ( thanks for the photos)


we stopped at a Forestry center and they had a collection of boats on display

the wood work was beautiful
even with the change of plans we had a great day exploring the area.  next stop - Hamilton

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