Saturday, September 17, 2011

TS Maria

I have decided that there will be little snippets amidst the rest of the Canada trip.  The amount of photos I am sorting is endless, yet I still have little bits of our lives back on the island that I would like to keep up with.  So even though I am pretty uptight about going in the order of events (I know, really weird) I will push myself to stray just a tad.  That being said lets move on.......

Last weekend we had a visitor by the name of TS Maria (TS stands for Tropical Storm).  The island went into action mode and everyone stocked up on water, food, batteries, flashlights - you know the drill.  We all kept an eye on our favorite weather watching websites but Maria was a little fussy and indecisive - strong then weak, fast then slow, north then south, then north again, 3 miles south of then 200 hundred miles south and finally settling I believe on about 45miles south.  We really did not know what we were really gonna see.  In preparation for an indoor weekend the boys and I went to Mullet on friday with our new neighbor Cecily, her husband Matt just started at AUC and is in his first semester.  First I made a yummy fall soup - these storms bring out this kind of cooking - maybe just so we can pretend it is fall.

veggie corn chowder

had to snag this photo of the passionate fruit blossoms over the guard shack

yes, that is an eggplant in the garden.  It was a surprise when we got back

so fast forward to Sat. morning-  we wake up to sunshine and a little gusty, nothing much.  Hmmmm the island was supposed to be under curfew (no going out on the streets) due to LOTS of rain and wind.  This always makes me wonder what is coming.  Also the school had decided the storm was not bad enough to be a shelter but to close it so students would not be walking out in the bad weather.  We will see how that works - it didn't.  The other 2 students that have units by us and share an electrical box and laundry stayed home and ran all the AC, then turned the dryer on -there goes the electricity - well all of it except the fridge and ONE outlet in the kitchen hmmmmm.  This is bad as only GEBE can fix it and well they decided not to answer the phone.  OKEEDOKEE - off to the pool we go.  So even though Tradewinds now has a generator that works great we will have no power for the weekend.  There goes catching up on homework and watching movies during Maria.

see the two birds?  they were hanging on to the palm frond and tweeting like crazy in the wind

late saturday night the weather turned.  big gusts of wind and short spurts of down pour  - this continued through Sun.  I think the curfew should have bee Sun. not Sat.  But my question was why was this ship out and going by??

it was nice to see the big waves down at Mullet again

that is what the boys thought of no power.  although they got to have a campout in the living room every night.  we were thankful the temps were comfortable (or we have adjusted - I even had a cold nose one night).

glad the palm and coconut trees were trimmed of branches and coconuts early in the season

not a great photo - but the skye was an amazing purple sunday night.  good bye Maria - although you had a very long tail of stormy weather behind you.
PS. we got the power back on Monday afternoon


  1. Woohoo, first blog shout out! Now I'm really "in." :)

    Yeah TS Maria. Gert had me all confused about her.

  2. p.s. I think that ship is out looking for a "rogue" wave.

    p.p.s. I want the corn chowder recipe!!!!!!

  3. yes! that corn chowder looks delicious! i miss soup in cold weather!

  4. Thanks for commenting about tomatoes on my blog. That eggplant of yours is making me jealous. How did it turn out?

  5. Jess - sadly when I went out to pick it - well the rain had rotted it - so the challenge is to grow things and keep them healthy. I will comment on your blog with some growing info.

  6. Oh that must have been disappointing! I hope your next eggplant turns out well :)