Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Tradition

When we first moved to the island our friends (Anushka and Ezra) shared the wonderful beach at Plum Bay with us - it has since become a favorite - for many reasons (no people or just a few, quiet, close to where we live, awesome waves when we get the right swell).  Then we shared it with our friends Karla and her boys.  Keeping with tradition we shared our favorite with our new friend Cecily and of course Karla and the boys joined us - it is the perfect spot for moms and kiddos (and our friends without kiddos of course) the week before blocks and perfect  for us to go to with Daddy after blocks.

when we arrived (the first time since before our Canada trip) we found large boulders exposed from all the storms.  the boys loved them - perfect for sliding around on

a ship we saw passing by - you can see the storm clouds behind it. we were lucky the storm passed us by - we just heard some rumbling thunder

sandcastle building

brother time

mother son time - I definitely appreciate the friendship that Karla and I have developed - we are able to share so much - we are both mothers to boys and can support one another as we go through stages or phases, difficult times or happy times.  we understand what each one is going through and can be supportive - it is a special thing while we are here on this island for which I am so grateful.  Because we have each other we have the opportunities to have these moments with our children. thanks Karla!!!!!!

and why is Cecily laughing?  because of the sand castle crasher of course (pssst his name is erik) - it soon became a game

how fast can Cecily build the castle before the CRUSHER comes

.....he's commmming

and there it goes

ethan being the protector of sand castles

boys, such fun

nothing like a beach fun filled afternoon and as Elijah put it - this was the best day ever.......and the plan is to keep on having them.


  1. AW!!!! I love this post. That really was the best day. Thank you so much for taking me and for being such great friends! You've made the transition to island life so easy for me.

    Man, Erik was a such a crack up on this trip! Between destroying any hope of a sand castle, or just a sand mound, to riding the waves across the rocks, to being a complete sand monster on the drive home, hilarious. Gotta love all the boys running around together. They are so much fun!

  2. I agree - one for the books. Nothing is better then a beach full of silly boys!!! I am sure there will be many more adventures like this.