Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Animals ?....part 1

During our second day of changed plans we decided to go to the Lion Safari that is located in Ontario, outside of Hamilton.  In my mind I was thinking a few wild animals, a fun time, relaxed and not a very big place - at least from the last time I remembered it.  Well, well - not anymore - it has become a very large park but still very enjoyable.  The kids had a blast with all the animals and different things to see and do - while the adults - we were exhausted, but it was worth it.

as soon as we arrived we found the elephants going for a swim

they were soooo cute

I think the kids thought so too

then they walk back holding each others tails

these kiddos were ready to see some animals

as we pulled up to these gates I really got some flashbacks of Jurassic Park  - hmmmmmm

kinda spooky


ok - this isn't so bad - no dinosaurs yet

ok - so this dude - he was the head honcho of the crew and well watching him get around with his plumpy roundness was very entertaining

hey baby

nice photos carith - the feathers are beautiful

now that is a big toe

face off 

are they posing?

part 2 coming soon.........

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  1. What an AWESOME place! It's a full on safari there. And, as usual, awesome pictures!

    That totally does look like a Jurassic Park entrance. And the chubby monkey, what a chunker!