Monday, May 7, 2012

The unspoiled queen

Before my brother Carlos and sister Carith left the island in January we squeezed in a trip to Saba - a volcanic island that is only 5 square miles and supposedly has one of the scariest runways in the world.

Carlos was more than ready for this early morning adventure

our little plane

sleepy boys

reviewing emergency procedures

leaving st.maarten

saba - the short brown strip on the bottom is the runway

yep, we rode with the pilots


the view on the way to the marina

ro loved the winding roads down the steep hill

heading out on the boat

mike heading down

ro and carlos

ro and dill


dill up top and daddy down below

enjoying the boat ride back after the best snorkeling trip while living on the island - a shark and turtles were the best part

love these happy smiles
day 2 coming next

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  1. oooh! what a lovely experience, and that breakfast looks so tasty. the bread looks freshly baked. i love still getting to see a bit more of the island from your blog. i have mine to look back on - and you should get one of these - i have a digital frame that plays over and over our favorite times. there are some shots of you guys on there.