Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mothers Day Baby

I remember the day, rather night that he was born clear as a winters night sky.  There was a thunderstorm and you could see lightening strikes out the window.  He surprised us all with a head full of auburn hair.  He made the nurse happy and arrived 10 minutes before her shift ended.  I was happy to hold my baby and finally enjoy some chocolate (pregnancy heart burn had prevented me from enjoying any the last 9 months).  That immense joy and love that I felt that night has continued to grow everyday.  We are so proud of our boy - it is amazing to see him grow and change over these last 12 years.

I love to watch you enjoy life in every way possible, to be kind and loving to your brother, be brave and strong, sensitive and sweet.
It has been a joy sharing all these wonderful life experiences with you!!!!
We love you more then words can say!!!!
Here is to turning 12 on May 12, 2012
Happy Birthday to our little man


  1. happy birthday dillon! you are a love. we miss you and hope you are happy to be back in colorado and look forward to the next adventure you'll go on.

  2. Thank you Anushka - he was very happy to hear your Happy B-Day and said he loves being back and will be sad to leave again. I am sure he will be excited once we get going again though.