Monday, April 23, 2012

The Shoes Made It

As most of our Island Family knows Ronan's shoes were on their way out.  He was on his last pair of flippies and they were almost done.  There were many a discussion that we might have to duct (duck per island style) tape them to make it home.  It must of been a sign that our time on the island was coming to an end - as much as we really did not want to admit it.  But they made it after all - we got here just in time to move onto a pair of "real"shoes and that has been an adjustment for the Ro dog.

As you can see we have made it back to Colorado safely - although it was a long day there were no major hiccups.  Minus Michael choosing the LONG (the short line that always takes longer) line through immigration.  It did provide a rather entertaining conversation for the boys - they were asked if they might be smuggling anything - Dillon do you have any tiny St.  Maarten men in your back pack?  Ronan - are you bringing any grenades or rocket launchers back with you?  Thankfully the answer was no to both.  Their years of traveling has prepared the boys to take all questions seriously and answer appropriately  - but we did all walk away giggling and thankful when Reilly the agent welcomed us home.

What you will find in the McGlue luggage is.......

surf boards, yarn, wilderness medicine kit, soccer shoes, a cozy duvet and some flippies without holes

We are slowly settling in, unpacking clothes, a few toys, study books for all and adjusting to the time difference.  The boys are ecstatic to be spending time with Grammy and Boompa and are making plans to catch up with old friends.  They finally met their cousin Ella for the first time and fell in love - Ronan whispered to me at bedtime "mom, that baby today was really cute".  Mike has found a study spot down the road and has settled in to prepare for his board exams.

I am definitely feeling that bit of anxiety of being back here - as I had expected.  Being overwhelmed by all the stores, the fast highways, large buildings and lots of people.  Simply - there are just tooooo many choices.  I love seeing old friends and spending time with family  - and look forward to getting out and doing all our fun Colorado activities but I do miss the island and the slow paced simple life.  I am going to hang on to it as tight as I can and hope to carry it with me forever.

Whenever I am feeling any island sickness I will focus on our beautiful last day and all the good times we had during our stay on the island.

simple, beautiful island life

PS - I will be updating the blog with some fun times from the last few months before a formal finale.  Just wanted to let everyone know we are safely home.


  1. can't wait for the finale - maybe a video ?? you're so good at those!

    1. Haha - that is a great idea - I do still need to finish Ro's wilderness hike and have some driving footage of around the island. Now that I have normal speed internet it might go much faster!!!!!

  2. Welcome home friend! Wishing you peace as you adjust back to city life. What an experience for all of you, something you will always have ;).

  3. Your family and mine seem to have switched places. I just arrived April 27th from just outside of Fort Collins, CO. I hope you enjoy the summer back in CO, it is going to be a duzie (it reached 90 twice in APRIL!). Thanks for the fun blog! Good luck to you and your husband on your next move!

    1. Hello - wow - that is funny. Do you have your family with you on the island? Where are you living? Soak it up while you can the time flies. Enjoy the island for what it truly is - magical. You will miss it dearly when you leave. We do. Good Luck to you and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

    2. My husband is here with me now and will be moving permanently in August. We are living at CDAM and love it! Time is so fleeting, I hope that I can soak up every ounce of amazingness out of this place before its over!

  4. You are missed. Tanner especially misses the boys. Sad to see you go but looking forward to reading about your further adventures and to crossing paths again sometime in the future.