Sunday, May 20, 2012

King Kong Island (Saba part 2)

After a late lunch and some walking around town it was an early bed time in preparation for the big hike on day 2.


many many stairs

the guys had charged up the mountain - apparently shoes were unnecessary on the feet but worked great for leaving Carith and I a message

we followed the direction of the arrow - looked across the ravine and saw this

hobbit feet - the best way to hike up a mountain in a rain forest

stuck in a tree

so proud of these crazy kids - that was definitely a challenging hike

Thank you to Carlos and Carith for joining us on our favorite trip while living in the Caribbean.  The boys  will never forget the adventure.  Saba is a beautiful island and a perfect getaway!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice pics... Thanks for sharing! I will have to go here during my next visit to St. Maarten.
    I prefer the beach... but this looks like a pretty interesting place!