Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Other One

My two boys have always been close but after moving to the island they have become attached.  They do everything together. The youngest even sobs when he does not accompany the older one on a play date.  The other responds with wanting to decline the play date because he just cannot leave his brother alone. So it only seemed fit that after a post for the birthday boy the next post had to be the other half.  Besides how many birthday boys spend part of their prized Lego gift cards on their younger brother.  So I know the oldest would only agree that what is done for one must be done for the other.

Ro began creating this contraption earlier in the week in the house - we weren't too sure it would really become anything - we should have known better

what?  I am not up to anything

yep - this is how his mind works

the happiest boy on the block

it is these two awesome boys that aren't twins or even Irish twins but are closer then either that make this mothers day the best!!!!!!!

PS - thank you island for another gift - a bond between two brothers like no other


  1. i bet you'll keep that closeness going on the next step to england - and that is what comes through homeschooling too - yet another reason i think it would be good to continue on that path for a while. i love ro's skate mobile. i have to read the previous post now.

  2. and happy mother's day by the way!

    1. Thank you Anushka - Happy Mother's Day to you as well - with 2 awesome boys of your own to celebrate it with!!!!! We are excited for the next year in England for sure. I have a feeling it will be adjustment the following year when the boys attend separate classes in school.