Friday, June 10, 2011

What is in Your Grocery Cart?

When I found out it was a for sure that we would be moving to Sint. Maarten I was not exactly sure what kind of groceries we would find.  I was definitely hoping that because there is some european influence on the island that I would find some of my childhood favorites  - and I definitely did.  Plus even more good stuff - the great thing about produce and products from other countries besides the US is that they tend to have less additives, chemicals, pesticides etc.  I was excited to explore the possibilities.  Here is a sampling of what you will find in my grocery cart.  ENJOY !!!!

beautiful cherry tomatos that were perfect and check out the container

just rediculus and way cheaper then at home for sure

translation - nature protected crops - now that is smart and the right way

fresh baked bread (cheaper then the processed American garbage imported  - and tastes better)

I usually buy large blocks of cheese or deli slices but sometimes we try something different like this cheese that comes thinly sliced and is sort of like a havarti

ok 3 bucks and the box is full and fresh - only 3 bucks - easy 6 at home for the healthy stuff

favorite juice

we dont always have this but if you want good salami the europeans have it for sure

2.50 - for real yellow butter - not a pale tasteless block that is 4 bucks

definitely a favorite - instead of tortillas we have crepes - and I am picky about crepes - these are super thin and do not taste like egg - very important.  Ronan has declared we eat Nutella with crepes here, Nutella with bread in Colorado and Nutella on a tortilla in Mexico and if you mix it up  - well that is just bad luck.

can't live without these - amazingly fresh for 1.50

fresh bread toasted, some real butter melted and sprinkle these on top - childhood favorite.  Like they say the dutch love their treats

and this one is special - basil butter made by our neighbor Hans - it is amazing - super strong garlic and basil (great for the immune system) perfect on fresh baguette, crackers, sandwiches or tossed in pasta -YUMMMY -

and back to those beautiful fresh Cherry tomatos (wish they were from the garden but we are in the midst of regrowing some tomatos as the last ones were attacked by snails and I think a fungus from all the rain we had).
So as you can see there are many wonderful items to fill your grocery cart with on the island.  Many people who are in school here will say it is soooo expensive - well - yes it CAN be - but it can be completely reasonable - if you stay away from the pre-made processed foods and the imported American items you will save yourself a ton of money.  We are not perfec,t we splurge on a bag of Doritos or a small container of Haagen Daz ice cream (the local brand Aetna is much cheaper and very good but it is so rich it gives our family instant belly aches) here and there but a majority of the time I buy products from places other then the US.  The food tastes better and is cheaper (I wont get on my soap box regarding US food and the health issues of the states this time).  Cook your food from fresh produce and basic ingrediants and it will taste better and save you money.


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