Sunday, June 12, 2011

And As Fast As Weeds Is How They Grew ! !

You know when you read on the back of a seed packet - it usually says germination will take 7 -10 days or sometimes more.  WELL - that is very wrong here in the Caribbean - how about 3.  I really should have video taped the seed pots - they were growing before our eyes.  One evening we looked at the been seeds - you could see them just beginning to push through their seed shell and through the dirt - you could not even see the plant out of the dirt yet - the next morning we checked the seeds and this is what we found -

really - we could not believe it - i had images flashing through my head of Jack and the Bean Stalk (Dillons favorite childhood story that I would soon begin to tell him by memory every night at bedtime)

the beans were not the only seeds to germinate at warp speed - we saw similar results with okra, tomatos, squash, zuchini, beets, radishes and I am sure there are more but I cannot remember - we had so many new plants we had to quickly find space for them all.

this is just after we got all the tomatos from various people - they were growing by leaps and bounds - taking over the garden

the small leaves hold little drops of water

dill helped to add soil the garden and plant some plants in the little spots we found

the key would be to see how the small plants would adjust to being more exposed to the elements.

of course I had to snap some photos of the other plants in the yard

our neighbors hans and kathryn have grown these beautiful orchids out of the trunks of the trees in their yards

the middle of the orchids is so delicate

the plants here just seem so interesting - not just standard flowers like we see at home

we have these really pretty purple flowers by the pool - they have an amazing star in the middle - it is very hard to get a clear picture of the middle - I am working in it though

I will try to get a better shot next time. 

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