Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tiny As A Seed

As I have mentioned before we have started a community garden near our home in Tradewinds.  When Mikes parents came to visit over the spring break they brought a bunch of different seeds for plants that should grow well in the Caribbean.  We decided to start the seeds in little containers to see how they would do.  It was also a great project for Ronan to help with since he had his arm in a cast.

we wrote the name of each seed we started on a wooden clothes pin (thanks Anushka these came in real handy)

we had saved up a bunch of yogurt containers and they were perfect for starting all the seeds

gathered rocks and put them in the bottom of the containers for drainage

seeds, labels, soil, containers

one little helper

second little helper - adjusting well to the cast

some seeds are very tiny

some are a little bigger

placing them gently in a safe place to grow

our simple labels

they work perfectly

once all the seeds were planted, watered and labeled we put them in a spot with the perfect amount of sun

we have never started a garden in the caribbean before so we had no idea what to expect but we were hoping for the best.

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