Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's A Party

We decided to have a pool party for Dillon and Ethan together.  Ethan's birthday was May 8th and Dillon's May 12 - plus they don't have all their friends from home - so we thought it would be a little more fun having a big party together since we all have the same friends anyway.  The boys wanted a pinata - ok we can handle that.  We found some balloons, newspaper and had Steve mix up some paper mache goo and we went to work - hmmmm the first stage went fine.  The next part not so much.  Just picture this a very hot and humid environment, a gooy flour mixture and ANTS - lots of ANTS.  A little tricky making a traditional pinata here on the island.  So we went to plan B - as Karla calls it a ghetto pinata (hahaha) we get a box, decorate it and fill it with candy.  Works for me.  It came out perfect and all the kids got LOTS of candy - which is the main goal anyway right?

the spread - one of the neighbors brought over german pancakes with chocolate sauce - that is what I love about the student community - they share all the special treats they know how to make YUMMMMYYYYY

so the waterproof cast cover that we ordered did not arrive in time for the pool party - this dude was NOT happy with what I came up with

he did enjoy hanging out with Toby

pool time - Erik about to launch himself in - that boy loves the water - he has been swimming for months and he is only 2

time for some pinata action - Dillon and Ethan each picked 3 super heros and their favorite colors to decorate the pinata with - here goes

dill's turn

yes, that is Erik with a stick as big as him

Elijah's turn

Ro's turn - did a great job for a kid with one arm

after all the kids took a turn or few the pinata finally exploded

and it began to rain candy

it is amazing how kids react to candy falling from the sky

and comin'

nothing better then freezing this moment in time - it goes so fast when it is happening - love seeing candy fall on Mike's head

Sebastian was happy with all the leftovers from the pinata

counting their loot

Admiring the Lego cake Steve made for the boys

Steve made an awesome cake with real strawberries

Dillon loosing part of a baby tooth (way to much candy haha) and hanging out with Alexi and Bailey

can you believe it - a mcglue family photo

dill was pretty excited about getting a rare star wars lego from his friend jake

Ethan was psyched for the projects he got - notice mike in the background - yeah he is trying to open a couple of beers - haha

I think the boys had a great time with all their friends (and the adults to).  Thank you steve and karla for having it at your house - and for the awesome cake.  Round 2 in November right?  Happy Birthday to Ethan and Dillon.

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