Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some October Goodness

October seemed to fly by (as it seems to be with every month lately here on the island) and as I went through photos and thought about what we did the last month I see why - we were really BUSY.  This is a little bit of what we have been up too.

playing with four legged furry friends

our friends Jackie and Mark have 2 yellow labs - Boomer and Lucy (awesome names) who love to swim in the ocean and the boys love joining in the fun

I think Boomer and Lucy really wanted Mark to hold them at this point

hanging out with this sweet pea

she absolutely loves to drool

knitting - several little ones needed to keep their heads warm while heading back to the states and cooler weather (also some christmas gifts - hopefully)

trying new recipes - a new favorite - black bean mango salad

watching Dwayne hunting for ripe passion fruit

surf club started up again - back to our weekend trips to Le Galion - Ronan will be giving wind surfing a try this week - we cannot wait

there were many new faces at club including this little guy - I am pretty sure his board is MUTCH bigger then him (if only I had started surfing at that age)

more than ready to get going again (he has also been putting time in at Plum Bay during the week)

Thanks to my friend Melissa I have been working on the manual aspects of photography

sharing the fun of paddle boarding with our friends Matt and Cecily

getting into a workout schedule of sorts - 2 early morning runs and 2 evenings of yoga (thank you Cecily for being my work out buddy) supplemented with surfing as much as possible

baking - our attempt at the plum peach cobbler that Addie made when she came at the beginning of the summer

hanging out with Jen - making yummy food and knitting

Dillon has taking a liking to assisting in the kitchen and has done a really great job

the boys putting on the final touches

deemed a success

Add to all this the boys online school work - although it is hard work and more than last year, is going very well and we are proud of the boys for working so hard.  My school work with its ups and downs but going well.  Mikes school has been very intense but going well - I am still in shock that we are almost done with his 4th semester.  We have also been enjoying sunday dinners with friends and neighbors, beach time and hanging out time with Karla and the boys  - I guess you could say we have been filling our time with just plain old ISLAND FUN !!!!!!! and here is to much more to come.......


  1. Gorgeous Cheyenne--I am still in awe of the life you are living! The outdoor lifestyle there sounds amazing and your boys look right at home:). I bet that pie was delicious too.

    Thanks for your lovely comments the other day. It's wonderful to have such support and great suggestions!
    Have a fantastic finish to your weekend...

  2. Thanks again MJ - your comments mean a lot to me. You will find so much fun outdoor stuff in Boulder (the people actually get a little obsessed about it haha). There is great hiking so close, snowshoeing, skiing, climbing and yes paddle boarding. You will really like it. It would be great to share some of it with you guys.
    hugs and love to you guys

  3. ha! love to see mj here! october is the best in st. maarten. i was just looking back at last september with you guys after earl, and boy was it a beautiful month there. the weather just gets better. that cobbler looks so good!!! can't wait to see more surfing pics of the boys!

  4. UMMMMMMM you hang out /w matt and cec in person! so jealous. I've seen you guys featured in some posts now that I think about it :) I love all your photos....I know I always say that but I do :)

  5. Anushka - it is such a crazy world of blogging. you are right a perfect time of year. There will be more surfing pics soon - I promise - dill has been ripping it up at plum bay and Ro started windsurfing and is doing great.

    Ali- you know I was born in Ontario - we might have to make a trip up there and chill together. I will be up there next summer for bit - maybe I can drag Cecily with me. Thanks for the comment - really appreciate it.